Rachelle Oseran

Group Instructor



Happy parents (and midwives) say….

"The classes gave me the confidence to believe in myself and to make choices that were right for me. My birth was an incredible experience."

Amy, English teacher.

"Your classes leave me on such a high - they are an amazing way to start each week! I pray that my birth experience will be as inspiring as your classes have been for me." Beth, Physician.

"Our birth was an incredibly positive experience. We know that everything we learned in the course helped us have a completely natural birth. This was the greatest day of our lives!" Amanda, Interior Decorator.

"I always enjoy working with couples who have taken Rachelle's classes as they are so well prepared for labor."

Dina, Midwife.

"We both loved the camaraderie of the group and, 5 years after taking the classes, we're still socially friendly with several of the couples we met in the course."

Sophie, Computer Programmer.

"My mother, who had taken childbirth classes in the '60's, raved about the Lamaze method. I now know what she means. I felt that the Lamaze techniques helped me stay comfortable and confident during labor."

Batya, Physician.

"My wife dragged me to the first class, but I really enjoyed learning how to work together in labor. During the labor I knew what to expect and I was able to keep her comfortable during the contractions. I also found the parenting advice very helpful. I now tell all my friends that attending classes is a 'must'."

Paul, Journalist.

"We loved the warm, open atmosphere of the classes. It was also comforting to know that we could call Rachelle if we had any questions about the pregnancy, labor or the baby."

Nicky, Lawyer.

"Thank you so much. Let me just tell you again how much we enjoyed Lamaze class with you. You made us look forward to the birth instead of being scared."

Leorah, R.N.